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new kitchen

Jeremy left for NCO Academy at the end of February and I decided that I would surprise him with a new kitchen when he got home!  We have been wanting to remodel the kitchen since we bought the house, so we saved up and used this year’s taxes to do it.  Jeremy was gone for 6 weeks and the timing worked out pretty nicely.  I actually think having him gone while cooking out of the living room was easier than if he were there to add to the clutter.

Oh, except that I spilled the beans early.  We went down to CO Springs to visit him and I worried that Tristan would mention it to him while we were there.  Turns out it was me.  I was on the phone with a friend while he was next to me, I mentioned the contractors being there with the dog during the day… oops.  But he had no idea what it would look like :)

It took a little over 3 weeks to finish and is such a huge improvement.  I can’t stop looking at it, it’s such an awesome kitchen.  Delmar and Chris from One Construction did all the work for us.. well worth every penny!  We’ll miss their company during the day.

Here’s the finished kitchen…

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