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(Feb 2012) So many people have been asking about Fresh48™ Sessions and photographers asking how they started and if they can offer them too.  So to make things easy, I’ll just blog it! I feel like credit should be given where it’s deserved since these sessions have taken off like wildfire!  And to answer the first question.. YES, market them!  It’s a perfect session to offer people that may not want the actual birth photographed but still want fresh newborn photos!  To sum things up, Fresh48 sessions are 1 hour sessions done within the first 48 hours of life.  They’re the alternative (or addition) to a birth session and take place at the hospital, home, or birth center. To read more, click HERE. If you’re looking for my new FreshVideo™ sessions, click HERE.

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Back when I created my birth photography brochures (July 2011) I put a small blurb in them about also offering a smaller package for right after birth.  At the time I just put it in there without coming up with prices or details on how it would all work.  Jump forward to mid January 2012… a birth photographer friend, Carissa Pierce of Washington, posted about her hospital lifestyle sessions that she was marketing.  That’s when the brainstorming began.  In our group of birth photographers we discussed all the details in making these work and any possible downfalls.  I have no idea why I didn’t think to market these as their own session sooner.  I had already done 2 of them and had quoted prices to others for them so I had a set of portfolio images to use, I just didn’t have the details and name squared away.   I think anyone in the group will agree that us chatting back and forth was SO HELPFUL!  I think about 20 of us managed to square away prices and contract details to make these marketable.  Thank you, Carissa, for sharing your session giveaway in the group and starting the fire…

From there everyone was trying to come up with a name for what they wanted to call theirs.  I wanted something different and “after birth” sessions were just a little *too* different (insert after birth image here..).  Some were just calling them 48hour sessions or newborn lifestyle sessions. My friend Jessica Strom (Kansas) calls hers First48 sessions and another friend, Jennifer Wakefield (AZ), is calling them birthDAY sessions- brilliant! .  At the same time Jessica posted about her sessions I had just blogged mine.. Fresh48 sessions!  Let me tell you, I’m NOT good at being creative and coming up with names.  My business name is my own name just to avoid that problem.. so I was excited to have thought of a name that hadn’t been said yet, and a little afraid that I would hate it as soon as I announced it.   I have no intentions of trademarking it nationally (state wide trademark will be coming one day), and there’s only so many unique ways to name these sessions.. so, photographers, feel free to use it too (unless you’re local of course.. then I love you to come up with your own name and card size out of respect)

Then there’s the marketing cards.. those were originally thought up by my talented birth photographer friend Catie Stephens of San Diego (who’s calling her Fresh48 sessions, Sweet Beginnings!).  It’s really the size that’s so awesome, something completely different… and they’re printed from the lab I use for all of my marketing materials.  I, of course, asked her if she’d mind me using that size too since they’re so similar to hers.. and since I’m not local to her she gladly let me.

I’m so glad to have a group of birth photographers to network with and bounce new ideas off of!   Thanks for all the inspiration, ladies! If you’re local, please come up with your own unique name to use that fits your business and personality! Fresh48™ is trademarked in the state of WY.

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